Imagine India

Imagine (India) Software Services Private Limited is a company based in the heart of Bangalore, India. The company charter is to become the premier high-quality software provider to International firms on contract basis. In order to achieve this, each software developer undergoes a tough training program designed to enhance skills in the areas of software design, software efficiency, software robustness, etc. As a result our top-notch software developers work in small teams that are well qualified, efficient, and finely tuned to providing the best possible software solution. The projects are completed on-time and with a faster turn-around than others resulting in a very competitive software-cost solution.

The company provides software services in several areas:

  • Client/Server Databases
  • Windows GUI in VB and C/C++
  • Mathematical models and supporting software in C/C++ and Java
  • Testing

Imagine (India) well-trained staff high quality staff is perfectly suited to take on the most challenging tasks and IP related work. Imagine (India) Software Services Pvt. Ltd. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of
Stanford Business Software, Inc., USA.


-an efficient and effective HR processing highway. VHR is our HR portal to manage your employee info effectively. VHR is a fully functional database built on
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