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A brief note on SBSI

The US company, SBSI, is a consulting firm that was formed in 1984. It develops easy to use software and applies quantitative analytical techniques to solve complex management problems. SBSI has developed a variety of software for both specific clients and the mass computer software market. Software has been developed by SBSI staff on microcomputers and mainframes in the areas of :

  • Specialized easy-to-use and attractive user interfaces
  • Database Management
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Market Analysis
  • Retail Distribution Models
  • Linear and Non-Linear Programming
  • Scheduling
  • Resource Balancing
  • Simulation
  • Numerical Analysis

For details on Stanford Business Software, Inc. USA, click here.


The expertise has been developed under the guidance of Dr. Mukund Thapa who has considerable experience in software development as well as academic connections.

In brief, Dr. Thapa has consulted for various companies (very large to small) on projects that require new algorithm development, mathematical formulations, financial models, user interface design, database design, etc. Besides being the CEO of SBSI Inc., he is a Consulting Professor at the Department of Management, Science, and Engineering, Stanford University, where he has taught PhD level courses on mathematical linear and nonlinear optimization computations.

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