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  SU (SOL Website)

The site is developed to describe each DLLs, their price details, different licensing schemes, functionality etc., of the SOL DLLs.

The site also provides information about purchasing of different licenses. User can click the link provided and see the information, which is given in Pdf format.

The different sections in the site gives details about the products, manuals, How to buy, support, FAQ, third party products and contact us information.

The products section explains the DLLs, licensing, key benefits, application, hardware/software interface, price and sales details. The details about the third party products are also given.

The How to buy section provides a detailed information about how to buy the licenses of each products and their agreements etc., in pdf format.

The FAQ section provides a quick solution to the user about their doubts, which arises on spot.

The support section provides information about the algorithms and ways of obtaining technical support from the development team.


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