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  SOL Java Code

System Optimization Laboratory (SOL) is Optimization Software with a suite of reusable Fortran libraries and Demo applications developed by the System Optimization Laboratory and Stanford Business Software Inc. to solve large-scale linear, non-linear and quadratic optimization problems using algorithms like QPOPT, SNOPT, MINOS and NPSOL. Researchers Walter Murray and Michael Saunders at the System Optimization Laboratory, Stanford University, and Philip Gill at the Department of Mathematics, UC San Diego, developed the algorithms and Fortran software. SOL Java Code software finds wide application in research and industrial establishments.



Imagine India Software is responsible for converting, updating and maintaining this software from Fortran Demo applications to the Java language to take advantage of its platform-independence and increase the customer base to the popular Windows and Linux systems. Java Interface DLLs, which acts as a link between the Java demo applications and the SOL DLLs, is also provided to the customers. Using which the customers can implement their own Java applications that use the DLLs to solve optimization problems in a variety of domains from diet nutrition to weapons deployment.


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