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System Optimization Laboratory (SOL) is a Optimization Software with a suite of reusable Fortran libraries and Demo applications developed by the System Optimization Laboratory and Stanford Business Software Inc. to solve large-scale linear, non-linear and quadratic optimization problems using algorithms like QPOPT, SNOPT, MINOS and NPSOL. Researchers Walter Murray and Michael Saunders at System Optimization Laboratory, Stanford University, and Philip Gill at Department of Mathematics, UC San Diego, developed the algorithms and Fortran software. SOL DLL software finds wide application in research and industrial establishments.

Imagine India Software is responsible for updating and maintaining this software to take advantage of modern technologies and operating systems such as Windows. Our team of developers converted the Fortran libraries to Windows Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) using the performance-efficient C language. By using Windows platform, we will be able to dramatically increase the targeted client base while at the same time obtain security against source code misuse that comes automatically from the binary-deployed DLLs. In addition, the Fortran Demo applications were reimplemented in modern languages like C, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic.NET, and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to provide financial benefits to a wide variety of customers.

The libraries that comprise the SOL software are given below:

  • MINOS is a software package for solving large-scale optimization problems including linear and non-linear programs.

  • SNOPT is a general-purpose system for solving optimization problems involving many variables and constraints.

  • NPSOL is a set of subroutines for minimizing a smooth function subject to constraints, which may include simple bounds on the variables, linear constraints and smooth nonlinear constraints.

  • QPOPT is a set of subroutines for minimizing a quadratic function subject to a set of linear constraints and bounds. It is also used for linear programming and for finding a feasible point for a set of linear equalities and inequalities.

  • LSSOL is a software package for solving constrained linear least-squares problems and convex quadratic programs (definite or semi definite), including linear programs.


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