Imagine India

Imagine India Software provided Quality Assurance and Software Testing Services for a project for Digidesign, Inc., California.

Our team of Quality Assurance Engineers and Audio Testing Engineers carried out the Functional Testing, Installation Testing, Interface Testing, Boundary Value Analysis, Failover/Recovery Testing, User Interface Testing and Performance Polling. We were responsible for:

  • Preparing Test Cases for each Functional, User Interface and Performance requirement.
  • Regression Testing to ensure that defects were not reported when changes were introduced between two builds of the software.
  • Change control of all test documentation including test plans, test requirements, test procedures, and test cases.
  • Secure Online Bug Tracking using Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Weekly Review Meetings through Tele-Conferencing so that the Development and the Testing teams were well-coordinated inspite of being on two different continents.
We completed the project right from the prototype stage to Beta Testing stage in about 6 months to the satisfaction of the client.


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